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How can I apply for Erasmus+ mobility?

Information on Faculty calls and rankings. You can still read the expired calls and the list of available locations.

Language requirements

Language proficiency test to participate in the 2023/24 Erasmus+ Call (expired) and exempted categories.

To participate in the Erasmus+ call, students must have adequate language skills. At the Sapienza Language Centre (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo - CLA) you can take the language tests required to participate in the Erasmus+ 2024/2025 mobility calls in advance, also to give you the opportunity to take them before the beginning of the exam sessions. Click on the CLA website for more information (CLA - Marco Polo Building, Floor 0, Circonvallazione Tiburtina no. 4).  Tests for ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH, GERMAN, PORTUGUESE will be held ONLY in person and you must present a valid ID card to access to the building.

Online Language Support (OLS)

The Erasmus+ programme provides Online Language Support (OLS), an online platform where students with Erasmus+ status and grant can assess and strengthen their language skills.
To take the test and follow the language courses, students must register on the EU Academy platform

Mobility to the UK

The UK continues to participate in the Erasmus+ programme as a Partner country.

As of 1 January 2021, a passport, entry visa, healthcare and additional paperwork are required to travel to the UK. Costs and handling of such paperwork are entirely the student's responsibility and vary depending on the period of stay. Please click on the websites of the foreign offices and British diplomatic representations on Italian territory.

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Sapienza's Erasmus student, thanks to the additional funds of Sapienza and the Italian Ministry of University and Research, gets, on average, between 350.00 and 800.00 euros per month depending on the destination country and the ISEU value. Additional contributions are also provided for students with special needs. The Erasmus grant is compatible with possible national grants and/or loans. It is incompatible with other Community grants or other funding from bilateral cultural agreements and international bodies. 

More information

Cost of living in different host countries

In order to organise your mobility period and plan your stay abroad in the best possible way, it is important to know how much it costs to live in your chosen location. More information

Additional contributions for students with special needs

The Erasmus+ programme pays particular attention to students and mobile staff whose physical, mental or health conditions are such that they cannot participate in the programme without additional funding. This funding aims at contributing to the additional costs incurred for support, reception and accessibility to premises, as well as pedagogical and technical support services. This is to ensure that everyone can fully enjoy any activities offered by European mobility.

Therefore, students and staff with physical, mental or, more generally, health problems can benefit from the support services that the host institution provides for its students and staff. Among the initiatives to support the mobility of people with special needs, applicants can apply for an additional Community contribution to support expenditure related to these needs.

Applicants with disabilities must indicate their status when applying for mobility, and as winners, they will be able to apply for the funding provided, with the support of the Erasmus Unit (

Pre-departure language courses

For students who are about to leave, Sapienza organises 40-hour language preparation courses, in-person, for French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and German and Catalan.
Courses are generally held: for students leaving in the first semester in June and July, and for students leaving in the second semester in November and December.

Information for Erasmus+ grant recipients

If you are an Erasmus+ mobility winner, please read carefully the "General Information" pdf available in the "Downloads" section and on your personal Erasmus page.

Recognition of activities carried out abroad

The results of the educational activities carried out within the Erasmus Programme are validated and transferred directly into your career, according to the "Regulations for student mobility and recognition of study and training periods abroad". More information

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