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Erasmus + Traineeships

Mobility grants are available for students interested in a traineeship experience in public and private organisations throughout the participating EU countries.


Erasmus Plus is the EU programme in the fields of Education, Training, Youth and Sport for the period 2021-27 that promotes the international mobility of students and future graduates towards other countries participating in the programme (full list on the Programme Guide (PDF) to improve transversal and professional competences with particular attention to the job market and their contribution to the creation of a cohesive society. 


The ranking will be published soon on th​is webpage​ because there are ongoing checks on the declarations submitted for the selection.

NEWS: 2023-2024 Erasmus+ Traineeship Call 

2023-2024 Erasmus+ Traineeship Call

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How to fill in the application form

To complete the application, you will need to
  • fully complete the online form;
  • ensure that you have uploaded a photocopy of your valid ID card to the application form;
  • fill in all the blanks of Annex 1 "Letter of Acceptance", including the blanks related to the "Language requirements" and to the training project "Brief description of the work programme of the traineeship" (including a brief description of the traineeship activity to be carried out at the host organisation), under penalty of exclusion.


To participate in the selection for an Erasmus+ for Traineeship or E+T/Digital Mobility Grant, candidates must:

  1. Be regularly enrolled at Sapienza University of Rome for academic year 2019-20, in a: 
  • Three-year Bachelor programme (year two onwards);
  • Master programme;
  • Single-cycle programme; 
  1. Have at least two months available in his/her study cycle for traineeship mobility, as per the Erasmus + Programme, and not have already enjoyed the maximum number of months of mobility allowed by the Erasmus + Programme (see Call Art. 1.4)
  2. Have a Letter of Acceptance, completed and signed by the host institution. Only letters completed as per the model provided in Annex 1 and attached to the application (see Call Art. 2.1) will be accepted. Failure to do so will compromise your right to a mobility grant;
  3. Not have received other funding from the EU or Sapienza University for periods abroad that overlap, even partially, with the Erasmus+ Traineeship period.

PLEASE NOTE: Students enrolled in Professional Master Courses, Specialisation Schools, Single Courses, and PhD Programmes are NOT eligible.

The requirements, referred to in this article, must be held by the student by the deadline for application submissions, under penalty of exclusion.

The lack of even one of the aforementioned requirements will determine the exclusion of the candidate from the selection process.

For further information: see Call Art. 2.2 Admission Requisites

TRAINEESHIPS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR POST-GRADUATE STUDENTS (within 12 months of graduation), as long as candidates apply before earning their degree. Moreover, the call is also open to students who have already received Erasmus grants (for studies or traineeships). The new Erasmus+ Programme allows students up to 12 months of mobility (for studies or traineeships) per each cycle of studies (12 months for Bachelors programmes, 12 months for Masters programmes and 24 months for Single-cycle programmes and 12 months for PhDs).

For further information: see Call Art. 2.2 Admission Requisites


Erasmus+ for Traineeship and E+T/Digital mobility grants are awarded on the basis of the actual number of days, as stated in the attendance certificate issued by the host institution (Traineeship Certificate).

The amount of the Erasmus + EU grant varies based on the destination country group:

  • GROUP 1 (high cost of living) €400/month: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom.
  • GROUP 2 (medium cost of living) €350/month: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain.
  • GROUP 3 (low cost of living) €350/month: Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey.

Academic Year 2019/20

The amount of the Erasmus + EU grant varies based on the destination country group:

  • GROUP 1 (high cost of living) €400/month: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden, Sweden, United Kingdom, Lichtenstein, Norway.
  • GROUP 2 (medium cost of living) €350/month: Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal,
  • GROUP 3 (low cost of living) €350/month: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Republic of Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Macedonia and Turkey.


Candidates must propose a host organisation in the application. Candidates who do not indicate a host organisation will participate in the assignment of any unclaimed mobility grants.

Information and advice on possible host organisations is available: Looking for a Host Organisation 

In order to facilitate the search for eligible host institutions for traineeships in Digital Skills, the European Commission has invited European companies to publish their offers on Drop’pin@EURES or ErasmusIntern. However, students can seek other institutions autonomously, provided the traineeship activities correspond to the above-mentioned activities.

For further information: please refer to Call

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