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COVID-19: directions on traineeship activities [03.05.2020, update]

Starting from June 3 and until August 2020, unless otherwise specified, it is possible to:

- activate new curricular internships in distance or mixed mode (distance and presence);
- provide, in the context of internships already activated and suspended or carried out remotely,
the integration between remote activities and activities carried out in the presence of the host (mixed mode);
- continue the curricular internships in remote mode.

Refer to “le linee guida con le procedure da seguire” (PDF- In Italian)

Extracurricular traineeships in Regione Lazio cannot be provided remotely (example FAD) or with a Working From Home arrangement. Read the Regione Lazio circular n. 218523 - in Italian

Extracurricular traineeships in Regione Lombardia: if the company/institution is temporarily closed, traineeships can be suspended; otherwise traineeships can continue with a Working from Home arrangement as long as the intern will be provided with all the necessary equipment and constant support from his/her/their tutor. Read Regione Lombardia directions - in Italian. 

Extracurricular traineeships in Regione Veneto: in-person traineeship activities are not allowed. The hosting company/institution will be asked to choose whether to stop/suspend the traineeship or, where applicable and after clear approval by the promoter and the intern, to continue the experience remotely. Read Regione Veneto directions - in Italian.

Extracurricular traineeships in Regione Emilia Romagna: traineeships are suspended until April 3, 2020. However, alternative remote arrangments can be taken into account, if suitable digital tools are available and the training programme's content allows it. Read Regione Emilia Romagna directions - in Italian. 

New online office hours

In compliance with the latest government decrees pertaining to the protective measures against the new Coronavirus, our services will be provided remotely (email, Hangouts, Meet) until further notice. Online desk opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 to 12 and Tuesday and Thursday also from 2 pm to 4 pm. You need to access our Hangouts chat through our email “Tirocini”. To start the conversation you need to use your Sapienza institutional email address.



Sapienza University offers to students and graduated the chance of doing internships and stages to help them enter the world of work.
Internships and stages are structured in order to let students learn by doing. The bodies and the enterprises involved will share their know-how skills from a professional and technological perspective.
The internship area makes online agreements with different structures interested in having students and new graduates in their offices. 
Please, visit the Jobsoul Webpage for a list of the structures in partnership with Sapienza University.
Students and graduated can apply online.

Curricular Internship

A curricular internship helps students grow during their university career and it’s not necessarily aimed at finding a job. 
Students can do curricular internships to obtain CFUs for their study plan. Those internships must be completed before the student obtain his degree. 
Are to be intended Curricular internships also those done in a structure external to the university. 
There may be a reimbursement of expenses. 


Non-curricular Internship

A non-curricular internship is an actual formative measure aimed to help graduates improve their knowledge and skills in the working field and find a job. 
Students graduated at Sapienza University can do non-curricular internships. 
The host organization will pay an attendance fee. 
The non-curricular internship is not a working relationship.
It is regulated by regional regulations.

Opinion of Bodies and Enterprises 2019

Sapienza monitors and evaluates the activity of internships and stages performed by its students or graduates at the hosting bodies and enterprises, by means of a short questionnaire.
The aim is to raise reflections and get feedbacks on the experience accrued, with special focus on the knowledge, expertise and soft skills shown by trainees within the framework of organised structures.

The Information notice on personal data processing is available here


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