Tuition Fees and Benefits

Per il 2024-2025 è possibile pagare la prima rata a partire dal 2 settembre 2024

March 28: third instalment due date

Thursday, March 28 is the deadline for paying the second instalment of tuition fees for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.

December 21: second instalment due date and Isee check

Thursday, December 21 is the deadline for paying the second instalment of tuition fees for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.

By the same date, you must check that your Isee 2023 per il diritto allo studio universitario is actually been uploaded to Infostud (to verify that you qualify for an income-based reduction). If your Isee's value is not on Infostud, even after clicking on Acquisisci Isee, you must immediately email your Student Affairs Office. If your Isee value has not been acquired by December 21, 2023, you will have to pay the maximum amount of tuition fees.

The third instalment must be paid by March 28, 2024.

Tuition Fees: deadline extended to November 15

To meet special needs reported by students, the deadline for paying the first instalment of tuition fees for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, for those enrolling in years following the first and for those enrolling in the first year of Bachelor's or Single-cycle degre programmes with no admission test has been extended to Wednesday, November 15, 2023.

The payment slip is generated on Infostud and paid via PagoPA.

Benefits and exemptions  - Academic Year 2023-24

The maximum tuition fee amounts are unchanged from previous years.

More details on the "Student Regulations" and Exemptions, Benefits and Grants

Tuition Fees depend on Personal Financial Standing (ISEE)

For students who do not qualify for total exemptions, Sapienza applies a model that allows each student to determine the amount of their own fee - compared to the ordinary measure - in accordance with their financial standing - ISEE for the right to university study (Board of Directors' Resolution of June 11, 2013).

Go to the Isee page

Ordinary Fees for 2023-24 Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes

First Group
Faculties of: Economy, Law, Arts and Humanities, Political Science, Sociology, and Communication, Classes L-19; L-39; LM-85

Second Group
Faculties of: Architecture, Medicine and Dentistry, Medicine and Psychology, Pharmacy and Medicine, Civil and Industrial Engineering, Information Engineering, Informatics and Statistics, Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences. 

Inter-faculty Courses are to be found in the main faculty

Fees are divided into three instalment to meet students' needs:







First Group






Second Group






Nursing Course - Unitelma blended






Computer Science Course - Unitelma*






Online Psychological Sciences and Techniques Course-Unitelma* 






Consorzio Nettuno* Courses













*These courses do not consider ISEE

Fees for students with foreign citizenship and/or foreign income

The amounts for those declaring foreign income are indicated here.

Tuition Payment Deadlines

Students can pay Sapienza's tuition fee in three instalments. 30% (first instalment), 35% (second instalment) and 35% (third instalment) respectively.

Deadlines. For restricted access degree programmes, the deadline for the first instalment is indicated in the call; for degree programmes with admission tests and for those enrolling in years after the first, the deadline is November 9, 2023.

The second instalment is due by December 21, 2023.

By the same date, you must check with Infostud that the "right to education" Isee 2023 value is actually present. If the value is not present, even after having carried out the "Upload Isee" operation, you must immediately email your Student affairs office. If you have not acquired the Isee value by December 21, 2023, you will have to pay your tuition fees at the maximum value.

The third instalment must be paid by March 28, 2024.
The deadlines for those enrolling in two-year Master's degree courses are indicated in art. 8, paragraph 7.

Delayed payments will undergo a 65 Euros penalty, which doubles after 60 days of delay.

65 Euros penalty for students who pay:

  • The first instalment from November 10, 2023 (except for first-year enrolled students)
  • The second instalment from December 22, 2023
  • The third instalment from March 29, 2024

130 Euros penalty for students who pay:

  • The first instalment from January 8, 2024
  • The second instalment from February 19, 2024
  • The third instalment from May 27, 2024

Payments after 26 June 2024. Students who do not pay the missing instalments by June 26, 2023, will have to wait until the opening of the new academic year to settle their position.

Pay your tuition fees via PagoPA

As of  March 1, 2021, students enrolled in all our degree programmes will be asked to pay their tuition fees via PagoPA, already compulsory for public administrations. 

How to pay 

Fees for Specialisation Schools 

For more information please visit their official website (in Italian)

Specialisation courses do not benefit from reductions based on Isee.

Fees for 1st and 2nd Level  Advanced Professional Courses

These fees depend on the course chosen, as well as their deadlines. Please read the admission forms. 

Go to the Advanced Professional Courses Page

These courses do not benefit from tax reliefs based on ISEE

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