Exemptions and Benefits

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The benefit and exemptions on this page are for students enrolling in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes for the 2021-22 Academic Year.

For further information, please see Students Regulations.

ISEE deadlines

Tuition fees are divided into three instalments: for restricted access programmes, the deadline for paying the first instalment is indicated on the calls related to the single courses; for degree programmes with admission test and those enrolling in years after the first, the deadline is November 4, 2021.
The second instalment must be paid by December 22, 2021.
The third instalment shall be payable by March 30 2022.
The deadlines for those who enrol in two-year masters degree programmes are indicated in the Student Regulations, art.8 paragraph 6.
You can pay each of the instalments in a reduced amount, according to your Isee 2021 for the right to university study. Isee 2021 can be calculated free of charge at a Caf (Tax Assistance Centre) or on the Inps website.
It takes several weeks to obtain Isee certification, so please request the documents by the summer.
To obtain the reductions according to your Isee, you must have your Isee 2021 automatically acquired by Infostud by clicking on the "Acquire Isee" function.
If you do not declare the Isee, you will pay the contributions in the ordinary amount (maximum amount).
Attention: Please note that after December 31, the Caf can no longer issue the Isee for the year 2021 but only for 2022 (not valid for the reduction of contributions for this academic year).
To determine the amount of your tuition fee for the academic year 2021-22, you can use the “Isee corrente” (which takes into account the economic situation for the current calendar year) instead of the ordinary Isee (which takes into account the previous financial situation of two years, i.e. 2019).
The change from ordinary Isee to “Isee corrente” must be requested from the Caf or via the Inps website or from your accountant. After the change, you can pay your fees according to the current Isee rather than the ordinary Isee.
To pay the 2021-22 tuition fee using the Isee at current value follow the standard procedure on Infostud: if the amount calculated according to the current Isee is in the Inps database, the system will automatically acquire the latter.
The current Isee is valid for six months from the presentation of your Individual Income Tax Return. To pay the tuition fee for the academic year 2021-22 better to have your Isee calculated at the current value in September.

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You have the right to a full exemption if…

Your ISEE is less than 24.000 euro and meet the requisites

If you enroll in Academic Year 2021-22  and your ISEE Declaration does not exceed 24.000 euros, you do not pay to pay tuition fees. You can keep this benefit if you complete no less than 10 CFUs during your second year and 25 CFUs during the following years, by August 10, and do not end up "fuori corso."

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You only pay 30 euro if…

This is only valid if you don't have an exemption

You have at least a 66% recognized disability

According to law 104/1992, art.3. if you have at least 66% of disability you only pay a 16 euro stamp duty and do not have to pay the tuition fees 

Sapienza has a dedicate Office for students with disabilities and learning disabilities. 

Students who require extra time for admission tests must indicate this through the Infostud System before printing the test registration form.
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If you are the recipient, or suitable for a LazioDisco grant

If you are the recipient - or have the requisites for the annual LazioDisco grants , you only have to pay 30 euro.

Further information: http://www.laziodisco.it/
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You receive the highest marks for your Bachelor's Degree or school-leaving diploma

If you completed your secondary education with 100/100 with honors for school year 2020-21 (applies to Italian maturità exam), you only pay 30 euro. You can keep this benefit if you achieve no less than 40 CFUs by August 10, 2020 with an average exam grade of 28/30 and no marks below 27. If you keep up the good work throughout your Bachelor's degree programme and graduate with 110/110 with honors and keep up the good grades, you can take advantage of this benefit also for your Master's degree programme.

If you graduated from High School with a mark between 99 and 95 you have a reduction of 300 euros on your fees as calculated with your ISEE declaration.
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You are accepted to the School for Advanced Sudies Call

If you apply and are accepted to the School for Advanced Studies, you only have to pay 30 euro.

Sapienza School for Advanced Studies (Ssas) is the college of Sapienza where students, selected with a special call for applications, can stay in the residences provided by the University free of charge and follow additional interdisciplinary teaching programs, related to the subjects of their course of study.
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You have particular athletic merits

Sapienza University encourages the practice of sport and helps the athletes: students who are recognised particular national and international sports merits are exempt from paying tuition fees except for an annual contribution, regardless of the Isee value, equal to 30 euros. Students who pay this fixed amount are in any case required to pay stamp duty and regional tax.

In order to apply for exemption, students must apply via email to their Student Affairs Office using the institutional e-mail address and attaching the documents proving their "athlete" status and sporting merit. Following the joint opinion of the Rector's Delegate for Sport and the Student Affairs Office, the student will be notified about the outcome of the application.
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You benefit from a government scholarship

If you have a government scholarship that lasts no less than 9 months, you only have to pay 30 euro.

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Belong to one of the categories defined by Bill N.118, Art. 30, May 30, 1971 

If you fall into one of these categories, you only have to pay 30 euro for your entire course of studies. You will have to present documentation to the degree programme office.
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You are a care leaver 

You pay a fixed contribution of €30 if you do not live with your family of origin on the basis of a court order (care leavers project).

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You have reductions if …

Your ISEE is between 24.001 and 40.000 euros 

According to the law 232/2016, the DM234/2020 and further benefits provided by Sapienza if you have an Isee between 24,001 euro and 30,000 euro you will pay a reduced tuition fee.

You can take advantage of this benefit if:

  • - you register in 2021-2022;
  • - you register in the second year and have at least 10 cfu between 11 August 2020 and 10 August 2021;
  • - you register for a course year after the second year and by the 1st “fuori corso” and you have achieved at least 25 cfu between 11 August 2020 and 10 August 2021.

Sapienza provides benefits for students with Isee up to 40,000 euros that are in line with the parameters provided by Law 232/2016 and DM 234/2020. The system that generates the slip for tuition fees applies the most favourable method of calculation for the student.

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Have a "Maturità" Exam Grade between 95 and 99

If you have a “maturità” exam grade (Italian secondary school final exam) between 95 and 99 in 2019-2020, you can benefit from a reduction of 300 euros, regardless of your Isee. The reduction is distributed over all three instalments as follows: 300 euros are subtracted from the total amount of the tuition fees (First instalment, + second instalment + third instalment): 30% of the resulting fee is the amount of the first instalment, 35% is the amount of the second instalment, the remaining 35% is the amount of the third instalment.

Example: If the total annual tuition fee is 1000 euros, this is the following: 1000-300 = 700 => first instalment = 210 euros; second instalment = 245 euros; third instalment = 245 euros. If, on the other hand, you have taken 100 or 100 cum laude you pay a one-off contribution of only 30 euros and you can maintain the facility for the following years if you meet the requirements.

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You pass a high number of exams with good grades 

If you pass a certain number of exams with good grades, you could be entitled to a tuition fee reduction. Naturally, you will be competing against all other students on your degree programme. All exams taken since your first year count towards this grant. You can check to see if you qualify on your Infostud Page.

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You have Siblings, Parents or children enrolled at Sapienza

Parents, siblings and children must be enrolled in Sapienza and have the same address as yours and Isee. You and your family may qualify for a bonus, based on your grades, as described in the Student Regulations.
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You enrol in a course of particular community interest

If you enroll in one of the Degree Programmes in the following classes, you will receive a partial refund, according to Ministerial Decree N. 976 of 29/12/2014 issued by the Ministry of the University.  Further details will be published on Sapienza website, on the page dedicated to Fees.

The degree programmes for which you can have facilitations are:
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You study part-time

If you choose to study part-time you will have a progressive reduction of fees up to the 40%.

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You participate in a Faculty Excellence Programme 

If you pass the selection to access the Excellence Programme proposed by your Faculty, at the end of the course you will have a prize equal to the amount of the contributions paid in the final year. The Excellence Programme is aimed to students enrolled in a programme for worthy students and are interested in activities of study and cultural integration. The path of excellence consists of additional training activities and issues a final certificate.

The faculties that activate the paths of excellence issue special annual calls.

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You can obtain a Scholarship if…

You graduated from another University but you enroll in a Master's Degree at Sapienza 

You can participate in the Contest Wanted the Best to win a scholarship.
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You graduated from an International University but you enrol in a Master's Degree at Sapienza 

You can participate in the Contest Don’t Miss your Chance to win a scholarship and obtain an exemption from the second instalment of tuition fees.
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You can obtain a  Student Work Scholarship if...

You are a winner in the ranking of one of the calls issued by the Universituy structures

Structures considered for Student collaboration Scholarships are:

  • Libraries open to students
  • Didactic laboratories
  • Didactic structures (classes, reading rooms etc)
  • Reception centres, information centres and management services for students (Hello, SORT Office Etc)

The Student collaboration Scholarships amounts to €1095 and had a 150 hours duration.
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