Exemptions and Benefits

The benefit and exemptions on this page are for students enrolling in a bachelor’s Degree or in a Master’s Degree.

For further information, please visit the Manifest Study - Students Regulation.


You have full exemption if…

Your ISEE is less than 14.000 euros and you have the merit qualification

If you enroll for the year 2018-2019 and your ISEE doesn’t exceed 14.000 euros you don’t pay any fee. You can keep this benefit if you get at least 10 CFUs at your second year and 25 CFUs for the following years by August 10, and you don’t run out of prescribed time. 
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You only pay 30 euros if…

This is valid only if the student doesn’t have an exemption

You have at least a 66% recognized disability

According to law 104/1992, art.3. if you have at least 66% of disability you only pay 30 euros for the whole duration of your degree. 

Sapienza has an Office for students affected by disabilities or Learning disabilities. 

Students who need extra time for the admission test must require it on the Infostud System before printing the enrolment form.
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If you are winner, or suitable for a Laziodisu scholarship

If you won or are suitable to the annual Laziodisu Call you only pay 30 euros.

Information on www.laziodisu.it
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You got the highest marks at your bachelor’s degree or High School Degree

If you got 100-100 with honors and you graduated from High School in the year 2017-2018 you only pay 30 euros. You can keep this benefit if you get at least 40 CFUs by August 10, 2019 and an average mark of 28/30 and any mark below 27. If you have been a merit student for the bachelor’s degree and you graduate with 110 or 110 with honors you can have this benefit when you enroll in the Master’s Degree and keep it if you keep the merit qualification.

If you graduated from High School with a mark between 99 and 95 you have a reduction of 300 euros on your fees, with reference to your ISEE
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You win the Call for the Advanced Study Courses

The Advanced Study Courses is a college where selected students can accommodate in residences chosen by Sapienza and participate in additional courses related to the Degree courses of their choice
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You have particular athletic merits

Sapienza is involved in the promotion of sport. If you have particular emrits in the field you only pay 30 euros, regardless your ISEE. Students who benefit from this exemption still have to pay the 140 euros regional fee, if expected.  To request this exemption, the student must supply an application stamped, accompanied by documentation that proves the status of "athlete" and the sporting merits to the Students Affairs Office. The Rector Delegate for Sport and the Students Affairs Office decide outcome of the Instance.
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You benefit from a governmental Scholarship

If you benefit from an at least 9 months duration Scholarship provided by the Italian Governemnt you only pay 30 euros.

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You have reductions if …

Your ISEE is between 14.001 and 30.000 euros 

According to law 232/2016 and the benefit provided by Sapienza, your fees are calculated as follows:

(Your Isee – 14.000)*0,074375 

You will have benefits if:

  • you enroll in the academic year 2018-2019
  • you enroll in the second year and you have collected at least 10 CFUs between August 11 2017 and August 10, 2018 
  • you enroll in years following the first and before running out of prescribed time you have collected 25 CFUs between August 11 2017 and August 10, 201

if you enroll from the second year out of prescribed time and you have collected 25 CFUs between August 11 2017 and August 10, 2018 you will pay as follows: 

1,5*(your Isee – 13.000)*0,07 with a minimun of 200 euros. 

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You take many exams and keep your grades high

You will compete with other students, the best will receive the reduction on fees. On Infostud you will be able to check if you obtained the reduction and its amount.
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You have siblings enrolled in Sapienza

Your siblings must be enrolled in Sapienza and have your same address and Isee. You and your siblings will have a bonus in agreement with the merit qualifications stated in the Students Regulation
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You enrol in a course of particular community interest

If you enroll in one of the Degree Programmes in the following classes, you will receive a partial refund, according to Ministerial Decree N. 976 of 29/12/2014 issued by the Ministry of the University.  Further details will be published on Sapienza website, on the page dedicated to Fees.

The degree programmes for which you can have facilitations are:

L-7   Civil and Environmental Engineering
L-8   Information Engineering
L-9   Industria Engineering
L-27 Chemical Science and Technologies 
L-30 physics Science and Technologies 
 L-31 information Science and Technologies 
L-35 Mathematical Sciences
L-41 Statistics
L-34 Geological Sciences
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You choose part-time regime

If you choose to study part-time you will have a progressive reduction of fees up to the 40%.

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You participate in an Excellence Programme 

If you pass the selection to access the Excellence Programme proposed by your Faculty, at the end of the course you will have a prize equal to the amount of the contributions paid in the final year. The Excellence Programme is aimed to students enrolled in a programme for worthy students and are interested in activities of study and cultural integration. The path of excellence consists of additional training activities and issues a final certificate.

The faculties that activate the paths of excellence issue special annual calls.

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You can obtain a Scholarship if…

You graduated in another University but you enroll in a Master’s Degree at Sapienza 

You can participate in the Contest Wanted the Best to win a scholarship.
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You graduated in an International University but you enroll in a Master’s Degree at Sapienza 

You can participate in the Contest Don’t Miss your Chance to win a scholarship.
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You can obtain a  Student-collaboration Scholarships if​​​​​​​...

You are a winner in the ranking of one of the calls issued by the Universituy structures

Structures considered for Student collaboration Scholarships are:

  • Libraries open to students
  • Didactic laboratories
  • Didactic structures (classes, reading rooms ets)
  • Reception centers, information centers and management services for students (Hello, SORT Office Etc)

The Student collaboration Scholarships amounts to €1095,00 and had a 150 hours duration.
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ISEE deadlines

The first part of the fees must be paid by the date on the access forms for new enrolled students, by November 5, 2018 for students enrolled in the following years.

The second part must be paid by December 21, 2018. 

The third part must be paid by March 29, 2019.

ISEE which can be calculated and certified by a Tax Assistance Centre (CAF), or online on the Inps website.

Calculating your Isee takes several weeks and must be declared by December. Students are encouraged to require their ISEE certification as soon as possible. To obtain reductions for your Isee you can follow the Acquire Isee procedure on Infostud.If you do not declare Isee you will pay the fees in the ordinary amount (maximum amount).

Please note, December 31st Caf can no longer issue the Isee for the year 2018 but only for 2019 
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