Did you pass your admission test? Here your next steps

Did you pass your admission test to access a Restricted Access Programme? Here all you need to do now
Please Note:
if you are a winner in a Healthcare Professions degree programme read the dedicated page
if you are a winner in Medicine and Dentistry read the dedicated page
For all other bachelors or single cycle restricted-access degree programmes please do as follows: 

Acquire your ISEE on Infostud 

If your Isee for the right to academic study 2020 (financial situation certificate) was calculated by a Caf (Tax Assistance Centre) or via the Inps website, you must enter the value on Infostud.

Log in to Infostud with your ID number and password. Go to Profile (top menu)>Isee>Acquire Isee

If the Isee value is not yet available, you still need to click on Acquire Isee: the system will ask you to enter an estimated Isee value which may be less or more than 24,000 euros. If you declare an estimated Isee less than 24,000 euros, you will only pay the regional tax and stamp duty, if you declare an Isee higher than 24,000 euros you will pay a lump sum of 300 euros. Remember that, in any case, the Isee must be produced by December 21, 2020, otherwise you will have to pay the fees at the maximum value. If you do not want to pay the fee according to the Isee, you can choose the option "I do not declare", and you will pay it at the maximum value established.

Are you from a foreign country or do you declare foreign income?
You can pay:

- the fixed fee according to the country of origin (developing / not developing)
- according to your Isee parificato
- according to your Isee for the right to academic study
Read more on the Tuition Fees and Grants page, in the "Fees for students with foreign citizenship and/or foreign income" section 
Go to the page

Print and pay the first instalment slip

Log in to Infostud with your ID number and password; click on Degree Programmes and then click on Tuition Fees> First year.
Enter your degree programme code, print the slip and pay it within the terms indicated in the ranking.
If you have not declared your Isee (financial situation certificate) in the Profile section, you can do so before printing the slip.
You can pay the slip at Unicredit, at the bank or online.
Read the dedicated page

Do you want to change your degree programme?

If, in previous years, you have already enrolled in another degree programme and you have exams to be recognised, download the transfer form from the “download” page
Go to the page (the form is “Passaggio di corso di studio con riconoscimento esami”). Fill it in and send it, following the instructions on the form. On the “subject” line, please type “Transfer onto...” (enter the name and code of the new degree programme). The Student Affairs Office will send you the 65,00 € transfer form which you will have to pay. Forward the payment receipt to both the old and new Student Affairs Offices and the new one will send you the first instalment slip for your new degree programme. Pay it within the deadline indicated on the slip itself.

Are you enrolled in another university and have exams to be recognised?

Are you enrolled in another university (not Sapienza) and have exams you want to be recognised? Contact your university and submit your outgoing transfer application (if you are required to be cleared to enter, show the ranking where you won). Keep the transfer presentation receipt. Download the inbound transfer form from the web page: https://www.uniroma1.it/it/pagina/modulistica-studenti (Trasferimento in entrata). Please fill it out, and send it as indicated on the form itself. Email the form at at Student Affairs Office. On the subject line, please type “Incoming transfer to the degree programme in” and the name and code of the destination programme. The Student Affairs Office will send you the 65,00 € incoming transfer form, and the first instalment of tuition fees according to Isee 2020 that you have declared on Infostud. Pay both slips within the deadlines specified in the ranking and mail the payment receipts at Student Affairs Office.

Do you already have a degree and want to ask for a course reduction?

If you already have a degree and want to ask for recognition of your exams, download the “Domanda” form on the form page
Go to the page
Fill it in as requested and mail it at Student Affairs Office

Information and Contact Details

For information on schedules, lectures, study plans, please contact the Educational Affairs Office of your degree programme. Search your course in the course catalogue and click on Contacts, Services and Facilities 
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