Industrial Engineer - State Exam

Admission Requisites

You can register for the Junior Civil and Environmental Engineer State Exam if you have one of the following degrees:

  • Current Academic System Degrees: LM-20 Aerospace and Astronautical Engineering, LM-21 Biomedical Engineering, LM-22 Chemical Engineering, LM-25 Automation Engineering, LM-26 Security Engineering, LM-28 Electrical Engineering, LM-30 Energetic and Nuclear Engineering, LM-31 Management Engineering, LM-33 Mechanical Engineering, LM-34 Naval Engineering, LM-53 Materials Science and Engineering, 25/S Aerospace and Astronautical Engineering, 26/S Biomedical Engineering, 27/S Chemical Engineering, 29/S Automation Engineering, 31/S 28 Electrical Engineering, 33/S Energetic and Nuclear Engineering, 34/S Management Engineering, 36/S Mechanical Engineering, 37/S Naval Engineering, 61/S Materials Science and Engineering.
  • Previous Academic System Degrees: all degrees in Engineering and Materials Science.

Please note: All candidates are admitted to the examination, pending evaluation of requisites. The administration will exclude all candidates who do not hold the necessary degrees. Candidates who have provided false or misleading information will be automatically excluded from participation in state exams; if the exam has already been taken, the results will be invalidated, and no fees will be returned. Naturally, candidates who provide false and/or misleading information are subject to current legislative measures (Art. 76 - D.P.R. 445/2000).

State Exam

The State Exam includes the following tests:

a) a written test on core subjects;

b) a second written tests on core subjects specific to degree. Candidates with a degree from the previous academic system will take the second exam based on the Master’s programme selected upon enrolment;

c) an oral test on the subjects covered by the written tests, relative legislation and professional deontology;

d) a practical project on the core subjects specific to degree (to be selected by candidate).


To register for the state exam, please follow the directions provided at Registration Procedure

First Session 2019

Location: Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering - Via Eudossiana, 18

Date: First Session – June 13 - 14, 2019 - 08:20 - classrooms see attachment
publications admitted to the III practical test 3 July 2019 A and B;
The practical test A and B 12 July 2019;
 publication admitted to the oral test 11 September 2019 A and B;
oral examination A and B 23-25-27 September 2019

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Prof. Franco Medici, Dott. Aniello Giuseppe Donato, Dott. Antonio Castellano, Dott. Giovanni Caruso
Administrative Secretary: Ilaria Cagnizi 


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