State Exams

In order to practice the profession corresponding to your university degree in Italy, you have to pass a state exam that will certify you to practice said profession.

State exams for professional certification are held every year on two different dates by MIUR, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

State Exam Sessions 2021

On January 21, 2021, MIUR published Ministerial Ordinance no. 63 which establishes the dates of the State Examinations for the qualification to exercise the profession of Chartered Accountant and Accounting Expert and Ministerial Ordinance no. 64 and 65 which establishes the dates of the State Examinations for the qualification to exercise regulated and unregulated professions.

Please Note: the 2021 first and second sessions of the State Exams will be delivered as a single online oral test. Read DM 238/2021 (in Italian) for further information and this page (in English) for more details on the procedure (or DR 2391/2021 in Italian).

Infostud registration period: from September 24 to October 19, 2021.

For further information: State Exams.

SecondSession 2021
Register A (Masters, Specialist, Previous Academic System Degrees):
Graduation deadline: November 16, 2021
Exam Date: November 17, 2021
Register B (Bachelors, University Diploma):
Graduation deadline: November 23, 2021
Exam date: November 24, 2021

As part of the Chartered Accountant and Accounting Expert State Exams, it will be possible to take the additional tests to join the Register of Statutory Auditors.

Professional Qualification for Surgeon 

Please visit  Surgeon State Examination for more information 

Substitute Certification for State Exams (2019 to date)

Certification for State Exam (until 2018)

How to request a Certification for State Exam

Other Certifications

Office Hours

The State Exams Administrative Office (Segreteria Esami di Stato) works online. Office hours and services will be provided via email



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