Junior Industrial Engineer - State Exam

You can register for the Junior Industrial Engineer State Exam if you have one of the following degrees:

  • L-9 (DM 270/04), 10 (DM 509/99), Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering , Material Engineering , Automation Engineering, Plastic Materials Engineering, Electrical Engineering (including distance-learning programme), Energetic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Logistics and Production Engineering, Logistics and Production Engineering for Textile Industry, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Production, Materials Science and Engineering, Industrial Technology and Materials;
  • All degrees that allow holders to work as Industrial Engineers – Section A.

PLEASE NOTE: As per DM 57/2020 the first State Exam session in 2020 will be delivered remotely as one single oral test. Further details will be published on the professions' single page. Click on Professional Certifications list.

State Exam

The State Exam includes the following tests:

a) written test on core subjects for relevant sector;

b) second written test on degree-specific subjects selected by candidate;

c) oral test on the subjects addressed by the written tests, relative legislation and professional deontology;

d) practical project on degree-specific core subjects selected by candidate.


If you have never been enrolled at Sapienza University of Rome you must register on the Infostud portal, you will receive a matriculation number and password to access the system and register for the exam.
If you have graduated or enrolled in a study course at this university (including admission tests, masters, specialization, doctorate), you are already registered and therefore have a matriculation number and password. If you have lost your credentials, send a request with a copy of your valid ID to our email and we'll regenerate them.

For any information on how to register, you can contact CIAO

a) access the Infostud system with matriculation number and password
b) verify in your PROFILE that they are updated PERSONAL DATA - PHONE NUMBERS - UNIVERSITY TITLES
c) return to home
d) enter in STATE EXAMS
e) Submit Application and follow the steps listed:
    1 PERSONAL DATA - the fields are already filled out
    2 SESSIONS SEARCH - enter the profession for which you want to take the qualifying exam
    3 DECLARATIONS OF TITLES - put the flag on the valid qualification to take the exam in the chosen profession. In particular: If the qualification is not present, proceed with entering the required data and click on "insert". If you do not find your qualification among the options provided, send an e-mail to the State Examination Office (link sends e-mail) which will have the missing title inserted in the Infostud system. You will be able, after a few days, to complete the procedure. If you are a graduating student and the educational qualification is present, put the flag on graduating student; if the degree is not present, enter it.

4 INTERNSHIP DECLARATION - enter the data relating to the internship (for the professions that require it)
     5 DECLARATION OF ENABLEMENTS - enter, if you have one, a previous authorization from those valid for exemption from one or more tests or put the flag on "I do not declare the qualification"
     6 SUMMARY AND PRINTING QUESTION RECEIVED - forwards the application and prints the receipt
We advise you to use a computer and not a mobile device (smartphone, tablet etc.) in order to properly sign up.
Registration via web and payment of fees for the first 2020 session must be made: from May 27, 2020 to June 22, 2020 based on your tax situation

The registration must be completed by sending the documentation and the original proof of payment to the State Examination Office, using one of the following methods:
   - shipping by registered letter with return receipt, by the deadline (the postmark will be the proof), to the following address: Sapienza University of Rome - State Exam Sector - Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5 - 00185 Rome, indicating on the envelope "State exam registration";

- transmission by e-mail via certified e-mail (PEC) of the candidate's personal (sending of institutional mailings directly accredited to public or private companies, public bodies, relatives or third parties, etc.) to the following certified e-mail address: segr.esamistato@cert.uniroma1.it. The sending of the documentation by PEC must take place exclusively in PDF digital format (the original of the attestation of the payments is retained by the candidate who will exhibit it only in case of request).
  Please note:

• online registration only without the submission of payments requested by the scheduled dates does not constitute examination registration; therefore it will be the Office's responsibility to proceed with the removal of the non-completed entries;
• payment of the fees only without entering the online application does not constitute examination registration;

Please Note: All candidates are admitted to the examination with reserve: the Administration will subsequently exclude the candidates who, following verification, are not in possession of the qualifications required for admission or who have improperly declared to be in possession of a previous qualification which, according to the law, gives the right to the exemption of one or more exams. In the event that the candidate, during the course of registration, has entered false and misleading declarations, relevant for the purposes of admission to the examination or exemption of one or more exams, without prejudice to the penal sanctions referred to in the art. 76 of the D.P.R. 445/2000, will automatically expire automatically from the right to participate in the State Examination, and in the event that the tests have already been completed, the same will be cancelled and the fees paid by the interested party will not be reimbursed.

Second Session 2019

Location: Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering - Via Eudossiana, 18
First test 21 November 2019 - see attachment
Second test 22 November 2019 - see attachment

Prof. Francescaromana  Maradei  
Prof. Franco Medici, Dott. Aniello Giuseppe Donato, Dott. Antonio Castellano, Dott. Giovanni Caruso
Administrative Secretary: Ilaria Cagnizi 

First Session 2020

Location: Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering - Via Eudossiana, 18
First test July 24, 2020

to be defined
to be defined
Administrative Secretary: Ilaria Cagnizi 

Candidates with disabilities and additional time

Candidates with disabilities who need a carer, aid, assistance or extra time during the exam (as per law 104/92), must submit:

Titles obtained abroad

International degrees will not be considered automatically valid to enrol for an Italian State Exam but must be previously validated by an Italian University. Click on Office for Students with International Degrees for further information.

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