Doctor in psychological techniques for social, organizational and work contexts - Doctor in psychological techniques for personal and community services

You can register to the state exam for Doctor in Psychology for social, organizational and work contexts if you are in possession of one of the following degrees:

  • degree in class L24 (DM 270/04) and post-graduate internship;
  • degree in class L34 (DM 509/99) and post-graduate internship;
  • degree in class 34 (DM 509/99) and pre-graduate semester internship (only if completed by September 2010;
  • all the titles that give access to the profession of Psychologist - sect. A

PLEASE NOTE: as per Ministerial Decree 661/2020 the Second Session of the State Exams 2020 will be delivered remotely as a single oral test. See DR 2433/2020 for further details on the modalities and the digital platform used.

State Exam

The State Exam is structured into four parts:
a) a written test relating to the subjects characterizing the sector for which the candidate enrolled;
b) a second written test in the subjects characterizing the degree class corresponding to the specific study career. The graduates of the old system will have the second written test based on the master's degree chosen at the time of enrollment;
c) an oral test consisting of the subjects of the written tests and of legislation and professional ethics; 
d) a practical design test in the subjects characterizing the degree class corresponding to the specific training path.


If you have never been enrolled at Sapienza University of Rome you must register on the Infostud portal, you will receive a matriculation number and password to access the system and register for the exam.
If you have graduated or enrolled in a study course at this university (including admission tests, masters, specialization, doctorate), you are already registered and therefore have a matriculation number and password. 

a) access the Infostud system with matriculation number and password
b) verify in your PROFILE that they are updated PERSONAL DATA - PHONE NUMBERS - UNIVERSITY TITLES. Make sure your email address is working correctly; it is the only official way to access the online exam.
c) return to home
d) enter in STATE EXAMS
e) Submit Application and follow the steps listed:
    1 PERSONAL DATA - the fields are already filled out
    2 SESSIONS SEARCH - enter the profession for which you want to take the qualifying exam
    3 DECLARATIONS OF TITLES - put the flag on the valid qualification to take the exam in the chosen profession. If you do not find your qualification among the options provided, send an e-mail to the Segreteria esami di Stato which will have the missing title inserted in the Infostud system. You will be able, after a few days, to complete the procedure. If you are a graduating student and the educational qualification is present, put the flag on graduating student;

4 INTERNSHIP DECLARATION - enter the data relating to the internship (for the professions that require it)
     5 DECLARATION OF ENABLEMENTS - enter, if you have one, a previous authorization from those valid for exemption from one or more tests or put the flag on "I do not declare the qualification"
     6 SUMMARY AND PRINTING QUESTION RECEIVED - forwards the application and prints the receipt
We advise you to use a computer and not a mobile device (smartphone, tablet etc.) in order to properly sign up.
Registration via web and payment of fees for the first 2020 session must be made: from May 27, 2020, to June 22, 2020 based on your tax situation

Registration on Infostud and the online Google application form must be completed between September 30, 2020 and October 16,  2020.

Applicants must keep the payment receipt and produce it if requested. 

  Please note:

• online registration only without the submission of payments requested by the scheduled dates does not constitute examination registration; therefore it will be the Office's responsibility to proceed with the removal of the non-completed entries;
• payment of the fees only without entering the online application does not constitute examination registration;

NB: All candidates are admitted to the examination with reserve: the Administration will subsequently exclude the candidates who, following verification, are not in possession of the qualifications required for admission or who have improperly declared to be in possession of a previous qualification which, according to the law, gives the right to the exemption of one or more exams. In the event that the candidate, during the course of registration, has entered false and misleading declarations, relevant for the purposes of admission to the examination or exemption of one or more exams, without prejudice to the penal sanctions referred to in the art. 76 of the D.P.R. 445/2000, will automatically expire automatically from the right to participate in the State Examination, and in the event that the tests have already been completed, the same will be canceled and the fees paid by the interested party will not be reimbursed.

Second session 2020

I Commission (A-I)

Location: TBD
Date: from November 23, 2020

Commission: TBD
Administrative Secretary: Mrs Giulia Mascia

II Commission 

Location: TBD
Date: from November 23, 2020

Commission: TBD
Administrative Secretary: Dr Arianna Romagnoli

First Session 2020

I Commission (A - I)

Office: Faculty of Psychology - Via dei Marsi, 78
At your place: first test: July 16, 2020
Presidente: prof. LAGHI Fiorenzo
Membri: prof BAIOCCO Roberto; prof. LAI Carlo; prof. VECCHIONE Michele; dott.ssa DI RUZZA Federica; dott.ssa FLORIO Antonia; dott. VITIELLO Marco Cristian; dott. VENTURI Giovanni; dott.ssa CUSANO Luigia; dott. BOZZA Domenico Giuseppe
Administrative Secretary: Ms Giulia Mascia

II Commission (J - Z)
Office: Faculty of Psychology - Via dei Marsi, 78
At your place: first test: July 16, 2020
Commission: Presidente: prof.ssa GIANNINI Anna Maria
Membri: prof.ssa BAUMGARTNER Emma; prof. CACIOPPO Marco; prof.ssa ROSSI ARNAUD Clelia Matilde; dott. GUIDI Marco; dott. BRAUZZI Fabrizio; dott.ssa MANNO Maria Gabriella; dott.ssa FILOSA Emilia; dott.ssa VEGNI Nicoletta; dott. Roberto IBBA
Administrative Secretary: Dr Arianna Romagnoli

Candidates with disabilities and additional time

Candidates with disabilities who need a carer, aid, assistance or extra time during the exam (as per law 104/92), must submit:

Titles obtained abroad

Foreign academic titles have no legal value in Italy; therefore, if they are to be used in our country to access the State Exams, it is necessary to ask for their recognition (except for specific agreements between Italy and other States on the recognition of titles/qualifications).
The interested parties must send the application for equivalence to the Ministry of University and Research following article 5 of Law no. 148 of 11 July 2002.
In order to participate in the State Exams, the interested parties must bring a copy of the Ministerial Decree of Equivalence to the State Exams Sector.

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