Infostud: Enrolment

Students can enrol by paying the first instalment (or all three instalments) of the tuition fees.
Requested Data
  • Enrolment course code
  • Authorization to acquire your Isee 2020 from the Inps database for university right to education (for degree programmes that require it), for tuition fees reduction. 
  • any exoneration to which you are entitled

If your Isee is not ready

Those who do not have the Isee ready at the time of registration will have to choose the option "acquire Isee", in any case, and will temporarily pay a fixed fee of €300 + regional tax of €140 + a €16 tax stamp.
Whoever declares a presumed Isee less than or equal to 24,000 euros will pay a regional tax of €140 + a €16 tax stamp.
The balance will be made on the second instalment.
Please Note: The Isee 2021 for the right to university studies must be acquired on Infostud by December 20, 2021 (for Master's degree programmes in the health professions the deadline is May 31, 2021).
Failure to declare the Isee within this deadline will result in the payment of the maximum amount.
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One or more instalments
The system allows you to choose whether to pay the amounts in one instalment or several separate instalments.

Benefits for Discolazio Scholarship Holders
Scholarship applicants must enter their scholarship benefit, even before the ranking is published. The system will issue the slip with the right amount. If, after the final ranking list is published, you are not a winner or eligible, the system will generate a balance to be paid with subsequent instalments.

Outstanding Students
If for your high school diploma is 100 or 100 cum laude and you stated it on Infostud when signing up, the system will automatically generate a single annual fee of 30 euros + 140 euro regional tax + a 16 euro tax stamp.

Please note:
If you are both an outstanding student and an aspiring scholarship holder, you must enter the Scholarship Exemption, and successively change the type of exemption at the Student Affairs Office.


The system will open two deposit slips, one with only the first instalment, the other with all three instalments: the student can choose which of the two slips prefers to pay. The payment must be made via PagoPa (over the counter or online). See "Payment" on the Navigation section.

Students with disabilities
Students with a disability as per art. 3 paragraph 1 and 3 of Law 104- 1992 and/or with a disability equal to or greater than 66% are entitled to tax exemption. For exemption and services, please contact the Office for Students with disabilities and Specific Learning Difficulties by emailing at
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Students with Specific Learning Difficulties
To obtain the services, students with specific Learning Difficulties as per Law n.170/201 and Prime Minister Decree 5669/2011 need to contact the Office for Students with disabilities and Specific Learning Difficulties by emailing at
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After paying the fees, the student does not need to go to the Student Affairs Office or hand in the receipt or other documents (diploma, photo, etc.).
Only those who are enrolled in the medical area courses must follow the procedures for compulsory vaccinations indicated on the call.
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When the payment is recorded on Infostud the student must activate the institutional mail address.
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