Psychologist - State Exam

Admission Requisites

You can register for the Psychologist State Exam if you have one of the following degrees:

Current Academic System:

  • Masters Degree LM 51(DM 270/04) and post-degree traineeship;
  • Specialist Degree 58/S (DM 509/99) and post-degree traineeship;
  • Specialist Degree 58/S (DM 509/99) and post-degree traineeship (only if concluded by Dec. 2010)

Previous Academic System: Degrees in Psychology and post-degree traineeship.

Candidates are not required to submit a traineeship certification, but may do so if so inclined.

Please note: All candidates are admitted to the examination, pending evaluation of requisites. The administration will exclude all candidates who do not hold the necessary degrees. Candidates who have provided false or misleading information will be automatically excluded from participation in state exams; if the exam has already been taken, the results will be invalidated and no fees will be returned. Naturally, candidates who provide false and/or misleading information are subject to current legislative measures (Art. 76 - D.P.R. 445/2000).

State Exam

The State Exam includes the following tests( Art. 52 DPR 328/01):
a) A first written test on theoretical aspects and advanced applications in psychology; complex treatment planning of individual cases, social contexts or large organisations with reference to the evaluation issues and the development of personal potential;
b) A second written test on complex treatment planning with reference to issues concerning the evaluation of group potential, prevention of psychological issues, assistance and psychological support, rehabilitation and promotion of a healthy psychological state;
c) An applied written test discussin a specific treatment case on individuals or complex structures;
d) an oral test on the subjects addressed by the written tests, relative legislation and professional deontology.


To register for the state exam, please follow the directions provided at Registration Procedure

First Session 2019

I Commission (A - I)
Faculty of Psychology - Via dei Marsi, 78
oral exam: 19 and 20 September 2019 - Aula XIV - third floor 
Prof.ssa  Laura Petitta  
Prof. Fiorenzo Laghi, Dott. ssa Nicoletta Vegni, Dott.ssa Raffaella Fioravanti, Dott. Marco Cristian Vitiello
Administrative Secretary: Sig.ra Giulia Mascia

II Commission (L - Z)
Faculty of Psiychology - Via dei Marsi, 78
oral exam: 24, 25, 26 September 2019
Prof. Alessandro Couyoumdjian  
Prof. ssa Anna Maria Giannini, Dott. Marco Guidi, Dott. ssa Elisabetta Atzori, Dott. ssa Maria Gabriella Manno  
Administrative Secretary: Dott.ssa Arianna Romagnoli










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