Student Cards

How to access the procedure, also necessary to take online exams

Student Identification Procedure at the Student Affairs Office

Please follow this procedure both to request your Student Card and to take online exams as per Rector Decree 1141/2020 (click on the page):

a) Please, to avoid an excessive load for our office and resulting delay, ask for the procedure only one week before your exam date.

b) The identification procedure is needed for any exam but, as a priority, for written exams in particular. If your next exam is oral, asking for the identification is not strictly necessary.

c) If you completed the procedure in the past and already own a student card with photo starting from 2019, you do not need to repeat it. To verify you have already completed the identification procedure, please read part 4 in the following section.

Watch the tutorial on youtube (with English captions)

Asking for the identification procedure

1. Please, upload your ID card and a close-up photo (i.e. Passport photo) to Infostud through “Profilo>Card studenti. Your ID card must be valid, clear, readable, front and back on a single PDF file.

  • File name is very important: no accents or apostrophes. The only “special” character allowed is the “underscore” ( _ ) . The photo has to be a close-up (i.e Passport photo) as explained on Infostud.
  • To replace your photo or ID card which has already been uploaded but not yet validated, click on “carica foto/carica documento” (upload photo/upload ID card) on “Card studenti”. The new material will replace the previous one.
  • To verify whether the uploaded ID card is readable and complete click on Profilo>Documenti personali>Visualizza, and, if needed, use “Aggiungi documento” to upload the ID card once more. Uploading your Codice Fiscale (Italian fiscal code) is not mandatory for the identification procedure. However, it will be necessary for your graduation application so, if you want, you can type it in now;
  • Expired ID s you haven't been able to renew at this time are valid until August 2020. Once you renew your ID you must upload it to Infostud and repeat the identification procedure.

2. Follow the instructions for the online identification procedure you can find on each Student Affairs Office's webpage, section a and b;

3. During the call for the identification procedure you will be needing your ID card at hand (the same card you have uploaded to Infostud) and webcam and mic on.

4. To verify the identification actually took place, please click Profilo>Dati personali>Identificato sì/no, on Infostud. If the procedure is correct but, in the meanwhile, you have renewed your ID and the one you uploaded is different from the one you have now, you must repeat the procedure. 

Erasmus students, exchange students and students enrolled in single courses, only need to upload their ID card to "Profilo>Documenti personali" (Profile>Personal documents)

List of Student Affairs Offices

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What is the Student Card / How to Use the Student Card

The student card photo ID will allow you to:

  • Identify yourself as a Sapienza student and take advantages of official discounts and special offers provided by the university or third parties;
  • Access university services such as the 24H Reading Rooms.
  • The student card is made of PVC and contains a magnetic band, a bar code, an NFC Tag and an RFID UHF Tag.

Students who have not yet received their student card can print out an enrolment certificate fromInfostud.

Students Enrolled at S. Andrea: Request for a Duplicate

To request a duplicate of your student badge, lost or demagnetized, you can go to your faculty’s Student Affairs Office on Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 10.00 am to 12.00 (noon) with:

  • Your student card and identity document, if demagnetized;
  • Identity document and last university payment receipt paid (if lost).

Applying for a Student Card

After completing the identification procedure go back to Infostud>Profilo>Card studenti and click on "Richiedi card".

Once the application is completed, the student card is mailed to your address.

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