La statua di Minerva e le bandiere della pace

UN 2030 Agenda events and initiatives

2022 Events and initiatives for SDGs 

SDG 3 - The World Health Summit Regional Meeting for the first time in Italy. Sapienza hosts the forum on global health from June 15 to 17

SDG 3 - SapienzaSport swims for Europe

SDG 3/10 - World Down Syndrome Congress 2024 to be held in Rome: Sapienza will coordinate the event

SDG 3/12 - #Piantalacolfumo. Stop smoking, save the planet!

SDG 4/5 - Gender studies, cultures and policies for media and communication: a new Sapienza degree programme in Italian

SDG 4/10 - At Sapienza, the first Bachelor's degree in Italian Sign Language (LIS) and Italian Tactile Sign Language (LISt)

SDG 4/10 - Event in Italian: Migliorare la transizione scuola-università per la costruzione di società inclusive e sostenibili: ripartire dai Pcto

SDG 5 - Sapienza nursery school graduation ceremony 

SDG 5 - Sapienza for International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women: literature, art and theatre

SDG 7/SDG 13 - Sapienza's energy consumption containment measures 2022-2023

SDG 9 - The Digital Startup Fair


SDG 12 - Riciclare è di moda! A European Week for Waste Reduction event

SDG 12 - GREENUS: Erasmus+ capacity building project for waste management and recycling with South-East Asian partners

SDG 13/15 - SapienzAmbiente

SDG 14 -Sapienza and the Italian Naval League, together for sea protection

SDG 14 - Chiara Petrioli wins the Women Startup Award

SDG 16 - Collaboration between Sapienza and the National Cybersecurity Agency kicks off

SDG 16 - Sapienza University’s Prison Campus

SDG 16 - Sapienza for peace

SDG 16 - Italy and the Afghan crisis: protecting academic freedom through hospitality

SDG 16 - Sapienza stands next to the women and people of Iran


SDG 10 - 2021 Diversity Day 

SDG 10 - Sapienza turns green to support migrants

SDG 12 - Sapienza for 2021 European Week for Waste Reduction 

SDG 12 - Biovision of the Future

SDG 15 - 2021 WWF Urban Nature  

SDG 15 - A project for biodiversity in the Circeo Park

SDG 15 - Presentation of Italy's Fourth National Action Plan implementing the "Women, Peace and Security" agenda

SDG 17 - Global CIVIS Days on University and Sustainability 

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